Systems-Centered Training Week, York, UK • September 9-13, 2019

Six parallel courses: Two courses are open to all, and four depend on prior SCT experience and training.

Foundations of Systems-Centered Training
Led by Mike Maher

Understand the basic theory of SCT & how it can be applied
Discover more about the impact that others have on you, and the influence you have on others

This training is for those new to SCT as well as those with previous SCT experience. You will learn foundational SCT theory and methods through skills training and the experience of working in a real-life group over the course of the week. This training is primarily experiential and can be challenging.

Making Work Roles Work (for us and our organizations)
Led by Susan Gantt

Understand how to use SCT as we work as a team member
Explore how to use SCT to view our work contexts

This experiential workshop is for those new to SCT as well as those with previous training wanting to apply their skills and explore their challenges in work roles. The content and experience of this workshop change every time, so if you’ve been before, you’ll still have a new experience.

Intermediate Trainings
Apply to the trainer before registering for these courses.

Intermediate Skills and Advanced Intermediate Skills
(starting Sunday afternoon, 8 September at 2.00)
Led by Ray Haddock

Intermediate Skills: The first step in intermediate training, learning how to apply the SCT skills protocols with others.

Advanced Intermediate Skills: Requires previous Intermediate Skills workshop and focuses on deepening understanding and use of the protocols. Before registering, contact Ray Haddock to discuss criteria.

Applications due by 8 July 2019.

Intermediate Leadership Development and Mentor Training
(starting Sunday 8 September at 9.00)
Led by Fran Carter and Annie MacIver

See and understand what is happening in a system: collect data from the communication pattern (SAVI) and driving and restraining forces in relation to the system goals, look at the phase of development and explore which restraining force to weaken to support survival, development and transformation in context. Builds on learning from Intermediate Skills Training.

Before registering, contact Fran Carter to discuss criteria. Applications due by 8 July 2019.

Container Training
(starting Sunday afternoon, 8 September at 2.00)
Led by Rowena Davis and Juliet Koprowska

Work as containers to contribute to the group development within the “Making Work Roles Work” workshop by learning to watch the group and use data from yourselves as information about the system and its phase of development. Before registering, contact Rowena Davis to discuss criteria.

Applications due by 8 July 2019.

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These workshops are jointly sponsored by Systems-Centered Training UK & the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute.

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