Being a senior executive can be both a lonely and a self-affirming experience, marked by successes and failures along the way. Sometimes decisions have to be taken using inadequate or incomplete information, and without the benefit of a trusted colleague with whom to think or talk things through. On other occasions, events take their own turn and can sweep you along unless you are able to step back and work through what is going on.

OPUS has many experienced coaches who are skilled at understanding situations in the round – from economic, political, social and environmental influences at work to the highly nuanced personal and inter-personal factors that can need careful unpicking. We work alongside you to help you make better sense of your role and work, whether they are day-to-day issues or broader concerns such as ambition, authority, confidence, composure and resilience.

We support you in your development as a leader and as a human being. We work, in total confidence, with the changes you want to make and the experience you want bring to each session. We normally work in a series of six monthly sessions of 90 or 120 minutes, in a private meeting space at your office or a neutral venue.