Call for papers and presentations

We are delighted to invite you to submit abstracts for presentation at the 2018 OPUS conference in London.

All presentations should explore organisational and social dynamics from a psychosocial perspective and must demonstrate clear relevance to the conference theme.

Papers will be presented in parallel across Friday 16 and Saturday 17 November. You must be available to present on either day.

We are particularly interested in receiving submissions from presenters with creative approaches to our theme who can offer engaging ways of catalysing action and understanding of the issues and dilemmas they raise. We welcome submissions that share innovative practice as well as those that have a strong academic or research basis. All presenters, however, will have to establish a clear intellectual framework for the ideas they share with participants.

At the conference, each presenter will have 90 minutes to explore their ideas with up to 20 participants and we suggest that at least half this time involves direct engagement with the audience. We will provide a facilitator for each presenter, though you are very welcome to suggest someone yourself.

Although we encourage presenters to disseminate their ideas in written form after the conference, no submission will be accepted where the planned mode of presentation involves simply reading out a paper.

Selection criteria

All submissions that are accepted will have to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • intellectual rigour
  • relevance to the conference theme
  • originality of content
  • a psychosocial focus
  • an engaging approach to presentation

In addition, the paper selection group will ensure that there is diversity of content across the chosen presentations.

Guidelines for submission

By 29 June 2018 , please email with a 500-word (max.) outline of your proposed presentation setting out clearly:

  • the idea or proposition you wish to explore, including the particular organizational and/or societal dynamics and dilemmas in focus
  • your argument or hypothesis, the sources on which it depends, and the conclusions you draw
  • the relevance of your presentation to the conference theme
  • how you plan to present your material and engage with participants

It is essential that this outline contains no information that can identify you or any other individual or organisation.

In your covering email, please state:

  • the working title of your presentation
  • your name (and the names of any co-presenters)
  • your email address and a phone number
  • the name and contact details of a referee who can comment on your skills as a presenter
  • whether this is your first time as a presenter at this or similar conferences
  • (where applicable) the name of any person you would ideally like to facilitate your presentation (Note: if English is not your first language, you may wish to nominate a native English speaker as your facilitator).


The deadline for submissions is 29 June 2018. Presenters whose submissions are selected will be notified by 30 July 2018. Agreement to present should be confirmed by payment of the conference fees by 26 August 2018.  We will then liaise with you to finalise the presentation details for the delegate pack by 2 November 2018.

For further information about the conference or submitting your proposal, email:


  • Judy Furnivall for questions regarding the paper selection process: +44 7843017945
  • Xavier Eloquin, Conference Chair, for general enquiries: +44 7841332909