Professor Feona Attwood is an academic whose work investigates the changing place and significance of sex and gender and their representation in contemporary society, the ways in which sexual practices and representations are caught up in wider debates around bodies, media and technologies, and the emerging centrality of new technologies in conceptions of gender and sexuality. She is known best for her work in developing the study of pornographies and for her contribution to debates on the sexualization of culture.

She is the author of Sex Media (2017), editor of porn. com: Making Sense of Online Pornography (2010) and Mainstreaming Sex: The Sexualization of Western Culture (2009), and co-editor of The Routledge Companion to Media, Sex and Sexuality (2017) and Controversial Images (2012).

She is co-editor of the leading critical sexualities studies journal, Sexualities, covering the social sciences, cultural studies, cultural history and anthropology, social geography, feminism, gender studies, and lesbian and gay studies. She is founding co-editor of the journal, Porn Studies.