Dr Gail Lewis is Reader in Psychosocial Studies in the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck College, and a psychotherapist. She has worked at the Open University and Lancaster University.

Her political subjectivity was formed in the intensities of black feminist and anti-racist struggle and through a socialist, anti-imperialist lens. Among her political and scholarly concerns are the relationship between the organisational psychodynamics and the lived experience of racialised and gendered inequality in organisations; and how to bring psychoanalytic and sociological understandings of subjectivity into creative dialogue¬†in the interests of generating¬†‘practice against the grain’.

She trained at the Tavistock. She was a member of the Brixton Black Women’s Group and one of the founder members of the Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent. She has written on feminism, intersectionality, the welfare state, and racialised-gendered experience. She is an Arsenal fan.