Greed, Hatred and Delusion in Organisational Life
Tim Dartington

Reparation: The creative potential of mourning
Dr Bob Townley and Prof Mark Stein

The survival and sustainability of money as a currency of exchange and the psycho-social dynamics of alternative currencies for the future
Richard Morgan-Jones

Sex, power and money – via regia to the unconscious of the group
Shmuel Bernstein

Your Money or Your Life: en-gendering leadership
Philip Boxer

Group Relations, innovation, and the production of nostalgia
Carlos Sapochnik

Political Correctness: the dark side in matters of Sex, Power and Money
Elisabeth Henderson

The Dark Triad in Threat Focused Systems: what can be done to enhance psychological safety and wellbeing at work
Dr Amra Rao

Serbian Reflective-Citizens & Otpor – Power with(out) Money
Marina Mojovic

Willful Feminists – challenges of consultancy in a patriarchal society
Jan Baker and Jo-anne Carlyle

The swinging pendulum – exploring the changing nature of leadership in the financial services and its implications for consultancy.
Ajit Menon and Vega Roberts

Re-reading the Oedipus story from a gay perspective
Mark Argent

Climate Change: an upcoming humanitarian crisis
Otto Huizinga

Dilemmas and Conflicts of Various Professional Roles within a Human Service Agency
Matias Sanfuentes

Sex, Money and Power at Crossroads in India
Manab Bose, Gracy Jebastina, Arunita Biswas and Ranjit Bhaskaran

Bureaucracy, the desire for security and the illusion of freedom
Ulrike Beland

Deserted children in a rich age of uncertainty
Maria Grazia Siri

Ennui meets optimism: juggling identity in the age of uncertainty
James Walker