Consultants’ Development Days

Developing networks, strengthening ties

Date: November 9th (1pm to 5pm)

Venue: Marchmont Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street London WC1N 1AB

: £10 per person per event

The aim of these days is to develop and strengthen the idea of OPUS as a community of practitioners. They aim to provide a low-cost opportunity for OPUS associates, and others, to get to know and learn from each other in an informal setting, providing mutual support in the task of furthering our practitioner skills and developing our practices.

As before, we will operate as a self-organising group, working with whatever participants bring to the event.  There will facilitated space for:

• Peer supervision
• Presentation of casework
• Open Space Event
• Developing collaborations

For further information about the event, email Chris Tanner at