Eric Miller Lecture

This Lecture is held every year in memory of Dr Eric J. Miller who gave exceptional service to OPUS as a founding director and then as policy adviser until his death in 2002.

The lecture is usually held on a Saturday in March, between the dates of his birth (February 24, 1924) and death (April 5, 2002).

Past Presenters

2004: Shmuel Erlich PhD
2005: Paul Hoggett PhD
2006: James Krantz PhD
2007: Dr Laurence Gould PhD
2008: Dr Anton Obholzer: “Group relations, organisational consultancy and coaching – rivals or partners?”
2009: Dr Wesley Carr: “The beautiful journey”
2010: Jean Reed: “Seeing the Connections, Making the Links”
2011: Ross Lazar: “Who’s afraid of the Organisation? ‘Angst in organisational life and what (if anything) to do about it”
2012: David Armstrong: “Terms of engagement – looking backwards and forwards at the Tavistock enterprise”
2013: Mira Erlich-Ginor: “The social protest movement as a dream matrix – facts, politics and dreams”
2014: Dr Tim Dartington: “Beyond evidence – tradition, innovation and the renewed capacity to think”
2015: Dr Jean Neumann: “Society as intrinsic to total life space: some experiential reflections”
2016: Larry Hirschhorn: “Exploring positive and negative emotions in organizations: Extending the Tavistock model”
2017: Jonathan Gosling: “Purpose, Motivation & Trust: The elusive trinity of leadership”
2018: Prof. Sasha Roseneil: “What does change feel like? Living through societal transformation”
2019: Dr Mannie Sher: “Introjective identification: the consultant’s instrument; the consultant’s nemesis”
2020: Prof Susan Long: “The Unconscious — the evolution of an idea”
2021: Dr Ed Shapiro: “Why do I have to do this? Institutions, Integrity and Citizenship”