Eric Miller Lecture

This Lecture is held every year in memory of Dr Eric J. Miller who gave exceptional service to OPUS as a founding director and then as policy adviser until his death in 2002.

The lecture is usually held on a Saturday in March, between the dates of his birth (February 24, 1924) and death (April 5, 2002).

The next Eric Miller Memorial Lecture will be given by Dr Eliat Aram and will be held on 3rd April, 2022

Past Presenters

2004: Shmuel Erlich PhD
2005: Paul Hoggett PhD
2006: James Krantz PhD
2007: Dr Laurence Gould PhD
2008: Dr Anton Obholzer: “Group relations, organisational consultancy and coaching – rivals or partners?”
2009: Dr Wesley Carr: “The beautiful journey”
2010: Jean Reed: “Seeing the Connections, Making the Links”
2011: Ross Lazar: “Who’s afraid of the Organisation? ‘Angst in organisational life and what (if anything) to do about it”
2012: David Armstrong: “Terms of engagement – looking backwards and forwards at the Tavistock enterprise”
2013: Mira Erlich-Ginor: “The social protest movement as a dream matrix – facts, politics and dreams”
2014: Dr Tim Dartington: “Beyond evidence – tradition, innovation and the renewed capacity to think”
2015: Dr Jean Neumann: “Society as intrinsic to total life space: some experiential reflections”
2016: Larry Hirschhorn: “Exploring positive and negative emotions in organizations: Extending the Tavistock model”
2017: Jonathan Gosling: “Purpose, Motivation & Trust: The elusive trinity of leadership”
2018: Prof. Sasha Roseneil: “What does change feel like? Living through societal transformation”
2019: Dr Mannie Sher: “Introjective identification: the consultant’s instrument; the consultant’s nemesis”
2020: Prof Susan Long: “The Unconscious — the evolution of an idea”
2021: Dr Ed Shapiro: “Why do I have to do this? Institutions, Integrity and Citizenship”

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