A Study Programme of Connected Residential Workshops

Approved as an Institute of Group Analysis (London) Short Course and in association with the Group Analytic Society International

Venue: Roffey Park, West Sussex
YEAR 2020: 17 – 19 January; 6 – 8 March; 8 – 10 May; 17 – 19 July; 9 – 11 October.
YEAR 2021: To be confirmed

Since Patrick de Maré began his pioneering study of large groups at the IGA in the 1970s it has become clear that real dialogue in a large group can release enormous potential for individual and collective creativity. This has been demonstrated in management consultancy, management development/training, peace negotiation, prisons, local government, community architecture, schools, higher education, therapeutic communities, reflective citizens projects, youth and community work and in psychotherapy training.

This is the first opportunity to bring together the potential of the large group with our work on management and leadership. It will not only enable participants to facilitate dialogue in any setting of their choosing but it will also place them at the leading edge of sophisticated approaches to management and organisational development.

The intention is to gather a community of practice that will meet every two months over a weekend to develop these ideas together. Our aim is to provide a place of support for participants to initiate and work through a project of their own choice, using the theoretical input and experience of the group to inform their action.

Participants can choose to join, either sequentially every time, or now and then. This approach replicates what so often occurs in this kind of applied work. We will have the opportunity to learn to cope with uncertainty and a different kind of continuity.

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