How we work

OPUS has over forty years’ experience of working with organisational and societal dynamics.

Our approach is primarily a reflective one, drawing on an awareness and understanding of both internal and external data: what is happening at a macro level in the many different “systems” operating at work, and what is happening at a micro level in the emotional and unconscious drivers of individual and group behaviour.

OPUS consultants are skilled at making sense of the interplay between internal and external factors in organisational life, applying a mixture of theory and experiential learning as they study what is going on beneath the surface of an organisation.

The reality of modern corporate and organisational life is that change is the only ever-present factor. Even where the organisation stands still, the world outside – the markets, economies, audiences, communities, platforms, channels, trends and accepted wisdoms – do not.

Often the organisation itself is also changing – undergoing a reorganisation or restructuring as its managers seek to do more better, faster and with fewer resources. In such moments, there is never enough time to stop and think.

Where change is unwanted to any degree, our natural human response is to employ unconscious defences to thwart the change process or make it more bearable. Many of these reactions defy logic and are at odds with the rational approaches ostensibly being adopted.

Our work is to work with and alongside organisations, their leaders and their people, to uncover the tensions and contradictions between what is said and done, what is intended and understood, and what is expected and what happens. We help you get a clearer picture of what is really going on and why, and then help you to address that reality.