From the organisers of Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing in Organisations group relations conference, 13–16 June, Viterbo, Italy:

Dear Colleagues,

You are warmly invited to join the 5th edition of Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing in Organisations (ECW), an innovative group relations project that’s been evolving since its birth in 2011.

ECW is connected to the context that hosts us. It focuses on sustainability, well-being and the necessity to explore how to collaborate creatively, offering a new insight on leader/follower relationship.

During the conference we explore both a succession of group dynamics events (Organizational Event, Social Dreaming, Application Groups) and events focussed on the body and its resources, on concepts of interconnectedness and relatedness that facilitate learning from individual experience, group energy and the relationship with the environment and with bodies moving in space.

Themes that can block a dynamic process in a talking group can be unravelled in a group working at energy and body level. The matrix is unconscious in both situations.

The conference, working on both levels, activates a more subtle and resonant way of learning and new ways of embodying information.

The mind, in between observing and participating, experiences time and space in a different way and begins generating dialogues within and new ways of thinking wellbeing.

The conference is aimed at individuals from all walks of life who are interested in understanding groups, organisational dimensions and the evolutionary level found in the social contexts in which we live.

Conference information is available on Il Nodo Group’s web site and as a pdf.

Early bird applications close on 20 April