Beyond the fears: thinking the unthinkable? is the provoking question suggested by the International Talks held by Ariele on October 22nd and 23rd, 2021 (Online – ZOOM).

Through panel discussions, conversations, workshops and movie projections, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the raising of many of the contemporary fears as a possibility to envisage new relationships within the members of the society.

Starting from the results of a three—years research held by the Polis’ team of Ariele, the Talk will discuss how care-givers could play a significant role within the society.

In particular, the following topics will be explored in depth:

  • How to promote an “active and reflective citizenship” among society (Opus UK)
  • How to leverage on arts and narrative techniques to support the experience of the physicians during the time of Covid (Ariele Brasil)
  • How to develop community welfare (Ariele Psicoterapia)
  • How new relationships can unexpectedly stem from discrimination; how the younger generations foresaw the Covid pandemia months ahead; how cities are changing, together with the role of majors (Ariele – Polis Team)

The conversational settings offered by Ariele will host international guests from the US, UK, Brazil, Middle East, as well as Italy.