ISPSO Annual Symposium, Dublin


35th Annual Meeting:

Desires and Defences @ work 2018: Psychoanalytic Explorations

Keynote Speakers Dr Simon Western
Melissa Gregg
Paul Meehan
Venue All Hallows College, Dublin
Workshops 18-20 June
Members’ Day 21 June
Symposium 22-24 June

Early-bird Registration CLOSES ON 27 APRIL 2018

We live and work in fast changing times, where what was taken for granted can no longer be relied upon. The digital age and network society are disrupting traditional organizations, and accepted norms are being challenged in every sector. This symposium will explore what conscious and unconscious desires and defences are at play for individuals and collective groups in today’s workplaces.

It invites you to apply a psychoanalytical lens using two distinct ways of looking. To be human is both to desire and to be anxious. It is also about defending against those anxieties particularly in uncertain times, and unchartered waters.

Desire in psychoanalytical terms

When we are able to understand and act out of our desires, the result can be positive and generative for employees and for the organization as a whole. However, we often disown or repress our desires leaving us feeling empty and dissatisfied. The resultant void demands to be filled up in order to defend against feelings of disappointment, frustration and envy.

Freud suggests that we can only know the state of ‘complete satisfaction’ if we experience its absence. He suggests that it is through a capacity to ‘hold’ and work through the frustration of ungratified desire and not succumb to the infantile impulse for instant gratification, then we can keep our desire alive. Organizationally, this represents a more developmentally mature way of functioning which can obviate a retreat to social defences.

The ISPSO Dublin AM ‘at-a-glance’

Professional Development Workshops
Monday-Wednesday 18th- 20th June, DCU /All Hallows and other Dublin venues.
See Professional Development Workshops at the ISPSO Dublin AM.

Welcome event for non-members with Jim Krantz
What is the history of ISPSO and what does it mean to be a member?  Jim Krantz is a founding member of ISPSO. Wednesday 20th June, 6-8pm, DCU /All Hallows.  Free in but booking required.
See ISPSO: history, mission and opportunities for membership.

Symposium; Desire and Defences @ Work
Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th June, DCU /All Hallows.
See Symposium of academic and praxis papers.

Keynote addresses during the Symposium
Dr Simon Western, Melissa Gregg and Paula Meehan.
See Keynote Speakers, Fri 22-Sun 24th June.

Social and cultural programme continues throughout.
See Social and cultural programme.
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