Lionel Stapley steps down

After very many years outstanding service to OPUS as Director, Lionel Stapley has stood down from the OPUS Board and has ceased to be Policy Adviser to the Board.

Following a previous Board decision, he has been awarded a Fellowship of OPUS for all of his valuable work for OPUS and is only one of three current Fellows, reflecting the high standards entailed.

He will continue his work on the Listening Post, Journal and Advance Training until 31st March 2017 whilst transitional arrangements are put in place.

OPUS Chairman, Steve Oram said ˜It is difficult to overstate the achievements whilst Lionel was Director. The International Conference, Listening Post, Journal, Associates scheme, improved finances, increase in Scientific Meetings all happened whilst he was Director. Added to which he agreed to step in as Interim Director when Simon Tucker stood down, to ensure OPUS kept operating whilst a successor was found, despite this being very disruptive to his other work. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to him and we shall miss his presence on the board.”