Making the Difference

This is an experiential workshop for professional managers, executives and consultants from all sectors and industries that takes place over two weekends or on the same day each week for four consecutive weeks.

It offers participants the opportunity to gain an understanding of group dynamics in operation ‘beneath the surface’ of all teams and organisations.

During the workshop, it is the task of members to study their own behaviour as a group, as it happens, so that they can begin to recognise their own and others’ roles in the dynamics that play out.

This process helps participants to become aware of the powerful and subtle emotions, pressures and needs arising within groups, and the ways in which these often conflict with the needs of individuals.

The idea of the workshop is that, through gaining a deeper understanding and awareness of the dynamics affecting individuals, teams and departments, they will be able to manage themselves better as leaders and also identify the unhelpful undercurrents in their teams that need to be surfaced and dealt with.

The workshop focuses on learning from experience – the hardest but the most valuable form of learning – from the dynamics of the group as a whole, which members can then take back and apply in the workplace. Many participants report a high degree of important learning, leading to personal growth and improved effectiveness.

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