Many of us are living in a maddeningly uncertain state. We cannot return to our pre-pandemic worlds and at the same time, what we are transitioning to is not yet known. As soon as we take tentative steps forward, there are new health concerns, new restrictions, new disruptions. And underlying this, increased political tensions, growing social divisions, economic disparity, and the threat of global warming not to mention concern about what we may be leaving for future generations.

And yet, we need to adapt and reshape our lives, our communities and our organizations.
With one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, how do we mobilize the appropriate level of energy knowing that the light may change to green or red at any moment? Where do we find the passion to sustain us as we attempt to discover renewed purpose amidst such social instability as well extraordinary opportunity for change? And how does this impact the way we take up our authority? Or our roles as leaders and followers? And the organizations and society we are a part of?

We invite you to join us at the OFEK International Group Relations Conference Online where we will create a virtual space to explore these and other questions. The conference is an experiential learning event that provides a unique opportunity to study one’s own behavior as it happens in real time, to experience and reflect, and to try out new ways of being and acting in a setting removed from daily life.

Participants and staff form a temporary organization, take up a variety of roles and examine the exercise of authority and emergence of leadership in relation to passion and purpose, together with the unconscious dynamics that unfold and the impact of the virtual context. The insights gained from this kind of direct learning can be powerful and long lasting. The conference takes place online, opening it to participants from more parts of the world and reflecting the way groups and organizations increasingly operate in today’s world.

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