CONF 2016 – Parallel Papers

The OPUS 2016 Conference Committee is pleased to announce that the following papers have been selected for presentation at the conference:

HR Managers Identity And Collective Memory In A Faculty Of Economics And Business Administration: A Socio-Analytical Exploration
Eduardo Acuna

From Imagine To The ‘Anthropopoiesis Of The Dreams’. The Rite Of San Silvestro, Basilian Monk Of Troina (Enna, Italy) Studied With A Social Dreaming Matrix
Domenico Agresta

The King Is Dead. There Is Now No King: After The Referendum On British Membership Of The EU
Mark Argent

Among Rebels And Puppets: The Problem Of Agency And Resistance In Politicised (Media) Organisations
Corinna Arndt

Will Brexit Brake The EU?
Shmuel Bernstein

Sexuality In India Through A Psychosocial Lens: A Unique GRC Intervention
Manab Bose and Sathyasree Goswami

The Experience Of Researching Powerful People
Louisa Diana Brunner

Queering the Social Unconscious – a Psychosocial Exploration of the Transgender Zeitgeist
Anne-Marie Cummins

Learning From NGO Leaders Working In Conflict Zones And Politically Unstable Environments, With The World’s Most Vulnerable Women And Children
Rachel Ellison

Understanding Our Role As A Researcher – Lessons Learned And Insights Gained By Using Social Photo-Matrix As A Tool For Action Research And Action Learning
Andras Gelei and Judit Gaspar

Working With Echoes: Institutional Abuse In Ireland To Organisational Dynamics In Britain
Catherine Hennessy and Geraldine Ryan

To The Power Of Three: The Potentiality Of The Role Of Board Secretary In Creating A ‘Thinking Space’ In The Boardroom For Good Governance And Corporate Leadership
Mary Joyce

Reflections on the Role of the Jewish People in the Western World in the Present
Sara Metzer and Silvia Silberman

The Effect Of Early Attachment Experiences On Work Relationships: A Pilot Study In A University Setting
Nicola Neath

“Help Me Sell Or We Both Die” – Working With The Existential Organisational Anxieties And Unconscious Processes Of Corporate Functions
Petros Oratis

Bion’s Implicit But Undeveloped Social Binocular: Implications For Systems-Level Analysis
Nick Papadopoulos

Cinderella vs. Scheherazade – The Symbolic Meaning Of The Veil In The Islamic Culture: A Comparison Of The Female Imago In The East And The West
Elisabetta Pasini

Reading Realities – Recontextualizing Group Relations
Gerard van Reekum

Group, Relations, Unrepresented
Carlos Sapochnik

Whistleblower As Lost Self: The Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust Case
Mark Stein

A Racist Journey Begins
Peter Szabo

Managerial And Organisational Challenges In Emergency Services Work – Can Harmful Psychological Stress Be Reduced Through Organisational Development?
Steen Visholm

What Do Participants Learn At Group Relations Conferences? A Report On A Conference Series On The Theme Of Authority, Power And Justice
Tracy Wallach

Shared Leadership & Co-Leading In Social Justice: What Happens To “The Father”?
Barbara Williams