Rethinking Organisational Dilemmas with Lacan



A Plus-One Process Workshop led by Philip Boxer & Barbara Williams

Dates: Sunday November 12 (Noon – 5pm) & Monday November 13 (9am – 5pm)

Refreshments and light lunch will be provided

Venue: the offices of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, Exchange House, Primrose St, London EC2A 2EG

This 1½ day workshop is for managers and consultants challenged by the changes that networked and increasingly digitalized environments are driving. Its aim will be to establish a place from which to work forensically with organisations. We will draw on Lacanian thinking to develop skills and practices needed to meet these challenges. No prior knowledge of Lacan is needed.

Networked environments demand horizontal collaboration across boundaries and leadership distributed across task networks. While these horizontal dynamics become dominant, we must still work within vertical accountabilities that constrain how we work. Given that networking always takes place across multiple entities that are operationally and managerially independent, the challenges arise from the gaps that keep emerging between these horizontal and vertical sources of authority. These gaps are experienced as dilemmas.

Our goal will be to share experiential learning about these challenges, working with the experiences participants bring. On the first half-day, we will introduce a critical method to uncover the dilemmas underlying gaps. On the second full day we will introduce a Lacanian approach to parallel process through which to examine some of these dilemmas and to consider what would authorise changes to the way they are (or are not) currently being held. We will use time-outs throughout the time to reflect on how we are thinking.



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