On or around 10 January 2018, Listening Posts were conducted in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin), Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy (two in Milan), Serbia, South Africa (Port Elizabeth and Pretoria), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and UK.

The international report has been created by synthesising the data contained in the reports of the ‘national’ Listening Posts and analysing the themes and patterns emerging from it (using theory to provide an appropriate framework for analysis).

Full versions of the international and underlying national reports are available on the OPUS website (

To download a copy of the 2018 International Listening Post Report, click on the pink button below.

This report is dedicated to the memory of Diethelm Sannwald, our long-standing Listening Post convenor in Frankfurt, who sadly passed away last month. We offer our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.


Sincere thanks to all participants, convenors and translators of the national reports, including: Dr Jinette de Gooijer, Nuala Dent, Heidi Vestergaard, Michelle Wells (Australia), Rumen Petrov (Bulgaria), Sholom Glouberman, Barbara Williams (Canada), Eduardo Acuña, Carlos Gonzáles, Loredana Polanco, Gabriel Reyes, Carla Rojas (Chile), Steen Visholm, Maja Wiberg, Henrietta Humlebaek, Anette Jønson (Denmark), Jan Willemoes, Tóra Petersen, Annika Wardum Joensen (Faroe Islands), Marianne Tensing, Timo Totro, Maija-Leena Setälä (Finland), Barbara Schneider, Diethelm Sannwald (Frankfurt, Germany), Friedrich Wilhelm Lindemann, Ulrike Beland (Berlin, Germany), Tímea Ágota Tóth, Kinga Illyés (Hungary), Cicily Manil (India), Jude Bowles, Marie Carroll (Ireland), Judy Levy, Marcelo Mauas (Israel), Elisabetta Pasini, Cinzia Trimboli, Simona Bernasconi (Ariele, Italy), Daniela Cabibbe (Milan, Italy), Marina Mojović, Jelica Satarić, Dragana Dragojević Gajić (Serbia), Lorna Brown (Port Elizabeth, South Africa), Prof. Frans Cilliers, Sanchen Henning (Pretoria, South Africa), Manuel Ignacio Seijo Diaz (Spain), Magnus Larssen (Sweden),Dr Heather Cairns-Lee(Switzerland), Muzaffer Mustafa (Turkey) and Roger Ramsden (UK).