Spring into Action

April marks the start of a new year for OPUS. It also marks the end of a chapter in its history.

I want to thank Lionel Stapley for his immense contribution to OPUS over very many years. Because of him, OPUS has solid financial and organisational foundations and a healthy programme of events, publications and activities to promote understanding of society. We should not forget him or his contribution.

Building on his legacy, I would like 2017-18 to be the year in which we combine reflective citizenship with active citizenship. In the same way that the consultancy project aims to make OPUS active in organisations, I want us to become active in society too. In the first place, this means assembling a communications team to create and publish clear and jargon-free summaries of our events and activities. If there were enough volunteers to run a newsletter/blog too, so much the better. We have much to say about society that we should be saying in society, instead of just talking to ourselves. If you would like to get involved, please let me know.

I would like to thank the many of you who have already renewed your annual subscription (£75/£55) to OPUS, either by GoCardless direct debit (for UK associates) or PayPal/credit card (for UK and international associates). If you have not yet got around to it, make sure you do so in time to receive the next edition of Organisational and Social Dynamics, due out towards the end of May/early June.

Here’s to a successful and active year for us all.