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June 11 – 14, 2018

June 11-12
Working with Conflict Over Differences in
Challenging Times
Led by Susan Gantt

In the face of conflict over differences, we tend either to react or withdraw. Our reactions or withdrawal trigger others’ reactions. Then we lose the important information in both sides of the conflict as we are all too busy reacting.

This experiential workshop introduces an alternative to reacting, called Functional Subgrouping, unique to Systems-Centered Training (SCT). Functional Subgrouping reduces conflict by enabling us to integrate differences more easily. Rather than fighting about differences and taking them just personally, we will build a communication system so that we are both hearing and being heard. We will explore how to influence the communication process which in turn influences us.

* Container training is available for experienced SCT members after discussion with your trainer. Contact Madeline O’Carroll.

Mapping the Challenges in Communication: Foundations of SAVI
Led by Fran Carter & Rowena Davis
SAVI (System for Analyzing Verbal Interactions) maps communication behaviours that contribute noise and those that build clarity in any human system: organisations, work groups, families and everyday life. In times of turbulence and change, communication becomes more challenging. SAVI offers a map for seeing the communication patterns that increase our ability to work with similarities and differences and to address the complex issues we face.

June 13-14
Making Our Work Roles Work (For Us and Our Organisations)Led by Susan Gantt

We will explore what happens when we look at ourselves as always in a role, either a person-centred role, a work role, a friend role or a parent role etc. Each role relates to a different human system. Each human system has a goal. Our work roles relate to work goals. Our person-centred roles relate to personal goals. Shifting roles as we change from our personal context to our work context lowers the stress and tension of being pulled by competing roles.

Becoming mindfully aware of when we are in a self-centred role or a team-centred role (or even a family-centred role) gives us a chance to see how to wholeheartedly take up the role that we want to prioritise. Choosing what role to take helps us reconnect to ourselves and use our energy in the role that has priority at any moment in time.


Putting SAVI to Work: Applications Practice
Led By Fran Carter & Rowena Davis
We will work with others to develop our skills in bringing SAVI into work and life, using it to see and understand systems of which we are a part. Open to those who have done the two-day Introductory SAVI Workshop.

This two-day workshop will be built around the specific application questions participants bring, with the goal of integrating SAVI understanding and skills into real-life contexts.

Registration Fees (per workshop):

Before May 1:
SCTRI members – £320; Non-members – £360

After May 1:
SCTRI members – £360; Non-members – £420
10% discount for two or more workshops.

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Full details on the SCTRI website and at bit.ly/SCTLondon2018

Where: University College London, 188 Tottenham Court
London W1T 7PH
Trainers: Fran Carter, Rowena Davis and Susan Gantt

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