Dear SCT Friends & Colleagues,

In this clip from the video Edge of the Unknown, SCT’s founder, Yvonne Agazarian, says:

“If you discriminate and recognize differences and can integrate them, then you automatically survive, develop and transform from simpler to more complex. That’s the only dynamic you need to know if you’re doing systems.”

Yvonne began with this fundamental idea and developed the theory, practical methods and techniques of SCT that are now taught throughout the world. Also in the clip, Susan Gantt describes Functional Subgrouping, the innovative technique at the heart of SCT that supports the discrimination and integration of differences.

The SCT Annual Conference, now in its 20th year, is an opportunity to experiment with these ideas and methods, building a system through working with similarities and differences, including:

·     The various cultural backgrounds, countries of origin, languages and identities and all of the human characteristics represented in the group
·     The range of experiences with SCT – from those who have only just heard about it to those who have been working with it for decades
·     The variety of work contexts and professional experiences, including clinical, organizational, educational and others
·     The broad array of ideas and interests each member brings into this work

We invite you to Philadelphia to join and create a community with the goal of exploring the challenges of survival, development and transformation.

Check out the program, learn more about SCT, and register for the conference at 2019 Systems-Centered Training Annual Conference.

Hope to see you there!
Dayna Burnett, Kathy Lum, Ellen Punter, Jane Steinberg &
Alida Zweidler-McKay
Conference Communications Group

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