This event will now take place on 7 November 2020

To improve understanding, increase effectiveness and discover new strategies that de-escalate strife in organisations. This workshop will explore below-the-surface agreements in organisations: their genesis and how to manage their negative effects.

In the workshop, Professor Susan Long will:
• outline a model of working with identifying and understanding hidden contracts and dynamics in organisations and in consultancies;
• explore issues and case material brought by participants;
• share ways of working with the effects of such hidden contracts and dynamics.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn how decisions and agreements are made ‘out of awareness’;
• Explore what gets in the way of organisational vibrancy;
• Identify organisational dynamics that either detract or support organisational effectiveness;
• Learn about the obstacles that impede productivity, such as ‘hidden contracts’ and identify the dynamics that are getting in the way of relational ‘good will’. There will be opportunities to witness and experience how their effects might be managed.
• Develop the right mindset to pro-actively de-escalate conflicts and tensions;
• Discover useful tools and strategies to navigate blocks.

Organisations, consultants, their management and their boards face many challenges including fulfilling their purpose, satisfying customers and shareholders, meeting societal and ethical expectations, managing internal dynamics, political pressures and adapting to rapidly changing environments. At the heart of this complexity is the multitude of contracts and decisions, in strategy and operations, that occur on a daily level, not just at yearly or monthly intervals in high level meetings. This is an opportunity to take advantage of Professor Long’s expertise and bring ‘live cases’ for discussion.

Presenter: Professor Susan Long

Tickets: £125 click here to book

Susan Long is an eminent Melbourne based organisational consultant and executive coach. Previously Professor of Creative and Sustainable Organisation at RMIT University, she is now Director of Research and Scholarship at the National Institute for Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA). She is an associate of the University of Melbourne Executive Programs and teaches at INSEAD in Singapore and the University of Divinity in Melbourne.

Susan works internationally with executives from many different countries, different sectors and with professionals from diverse industries in her role as either teacher, consultant, supervisor or coach. She has over 35 years of experience with Group Relations, having directed many conferences.

Susan has also held several leadership positions in various professional organisations: past president of ISPSO (the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations), Inaugural President of Group Relations Australia, and President of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation.

She has published ten books and many articles in books and scholarly journals, is General Editor of the journal Socioanalysis and Associate Editor with Organisational and Social Dynamics. She is a member of the Advisory Board for Mental Health at Work with Comcare and a past member of the Board of the Judicial College of Victoria (2011–2016)