Transition Committee starts work

I am very pleased to be able to announce that members of the Transition Committee have begun to meet and discuss how they are going to take up their role and task.

I am particularly delighted that we have been able to put together such a strong and balanced group, and am grateful to all of them for volunteering. They are:

From the Board:
Will Ellsworth-Jones (UK)
Olya Khaleelee (UK)
Steve Oram (UK)

From the Members:
Tim Dartington (UK)

From the Management Committee:
Xavier Eloquin (UK)

From the Associates:
Ulrike Beland (Germany)
Deborah Bowman (UK)
Andrew Briggs (UK)
Sandie Dunne (UK)
Wilder Gutterson (UK)
Carlos Remotti-Breton (UK)
Colston Sanger (UK)
Chris Scanlon (UK)
Louise Tonelli (South Africa)
Steen Visholm (Denmark)

The task of the transition committee is to make recommendations to the board for:

  • reconfiguring OPUS so as to better express the different identities and purposes of the member organisation and the charity respectively
  • the basis and timing for extending full membership to associates
  • the basis and timing for electing and appointing board members
  • the arrangements (such as reimbursement of expenses) that should apply to board members’ participation, given the international diversity of the associate membership

I – or they – will keep you updated on their deliberations and conclusions over the coming months.