With Marilyn Miller, 21 March 2021 1400-1800, online

“What Art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit” John Updike

In our current climate of increased systemic and organisational pressures, there can be little time for thinking and reflection, while demands for creativity and innovation continue. When problems become overwhelming, it can be hard to think at all.

Creative approaches can offer a different kind of space and an alternative, visual language. This can help to free our creativity and access the deeper aspects of organisational life, enabling new perspectives and solutions to emerge. Although consultants/practitioners may be using creative approaches, there is little material available on this subject.

In this workshop, consultants will have the chance to explore how visual images can be used as a consultancy approach within a systems-psychoanalytic paradigm, helping us reflect on our own practice, and also as a consultancy intervention.The workshop will be experiential, with space for participants to reflect on their own experience. We will use art-viewing, art-making (at home) and shared discussion.

We will consider the importance of psychological safety in promoting creativity and supporting change. We will also consider creative approaches as a form of ‘internal supervision’; for our Continuing Professional Development and as a resource for our own wellbeing.

No art skills necessary.

Marilyn Miller is a former art psychotherapist and organizational consultant. Following an early career in local government, the BBC and the charity sector, she worked as an art psychotherapist in the NHS social services and independently for over 25 years. In her organizational consultancy practice her art psychotherapy background enables her to use art, where appropriate, to enhance the consultancy process.

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Painting: the painting above is by Martyn Dymott.