A Study Day with Tim Dartington

19 June 2021, 13:30–18:00 BST


The pandemic continues to haunt our future, and this Study Day explores what we have learned about ourselves a;”nd our own vulnerability and how this may be useful in continuing to develop a resilient response to the uncertainties facing us individually, in our families, our communities and as a society.

Do we admit to our feelings of vulnerability? To ourselves? To others? When is it safe to do so? What have we learned, how have we changed, and what do we think we have to do now in ‘moving on’?

The Study Day is a collective event. It will provide the opportunity to look at our capacity to think again about the choices we face as a society. How may the vulnerability and fear we have experienced be a basis for a new look at resilience and social connection?’

The format of the Study Day will be an initial input followed by a Listening Post, small groups and a plenary to share themes and hypotheses. We invite you to take this opportunity to learn together.

Tickets £25 (OPUS members), £35 (non-members)