Working In Groups: Being, Following, Leading

A four day OPUS workshop exploring group and organisational dynamics

Led by: Xavier Eloquin and Jo-anne Carlyle

Dates: held over two weekends – 23/24 June and 7/8 July 2018 – with a weekend interval

Times: 9am to 6pm on each day

Venue: tba

Cost: £ 490 per person
Refreshments are provided during the day but not lunch; there are, however, a number of sandwich shops and restaurants around Liverpool Street station.

What is it that happens to us when we are in groups? What are the forces that seem to push us, pull us, control us? Why is it so hard to act as we might wish? Why do we become an uncomfortable version of ourselves? And why do we keep getting into the same old situations, over and over again?

Like it or not, we are a group species. Whatever we do – working, playing, existing – it is done either in a group or with a group in mind. Groups are a source of great security and comfort to us but can equally lead to great conflict, distress and uncertainty.

This experiential workshop, facilitated by skilled group relations consultants, creates a learning environment in which to explore these questions at multiple levels: cognitive and emotional; conscious and unconscious. It will help you take a deeper look at group dynamics, and how they help or hinder you – both in the roles you take up and in those that are thrust upon you.

Using OPUS’s group-as-a-whole approach, an experiential learning methodology, you won’t be cooped up in a classroom being force-fed knowledge from a textbook or PowerPoint. Your learning will come from the multi-sensory wonder that is direct, lived experience.

This leads to a very different type of learning; as a participant, you will have opportunities to explore your own personal dilemmas and challenges in a range of different group contexts, whether they relate to leadership and followership, authority and resistance, identity and difference, conflict and collaboration or something else entirely.

This workshop is designed for those working in and leading groups and organisations of all kinds.

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Workshop Leaders:

Dr Xavier Eloquin is a chartered educational psychologist. He is an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and OPUS affiliate. He is also a visiting lecturer for the Tavistock Clinic’s Educational Psychology Doctorate course, specialising in group and organisational dynamics.

Dr Jo-anne Carlyle is a clinical and forensic psychologist, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and organisational consultant. With group, clinical and research experience from settings as diverse as Broadmoor and Rampton Hospitals and the Tavistock Clinic, Jo-anne brings a commitment to understanding organisations communities that spans 30 years.

Chris Tanner is a leadership coach, organisational consultant and senior lecturer.  He is Course Director of the MA Management and Organisational Dynamics (University of Essex Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies). He is also Cohort Director with the NHS Leadership Academy.


Past participants have praised the workshop (previously known as ‘Making The Difference’) for the increased insights it has given into themselves – at work, at home and with friends – and for the better understanding they have gained about their own relationships with authority, leadership, followership, relationships, roles, inter-group-behaviour and communication.