World Gone Mad: A Sociodrama

Venue: Herbert Smith Freehills, Exchange House, Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EG

Date: Saturday 10 February 2018

Time: 12.30pm – 5pm

In this interactive workshop, participants are invited to explore and engage with the complex social dynamics at play in the world in 2017-8.

The workshop will be led by Dr Ron Wiener who will guide us using Sociodrama, an action method for exploring ourselves as human beings as we relate to others through our social systems. The precise theme and content of the session will emerge from the group in session.

Sociodrama is an evolving method that creates deep understanding of the social systems that shape us individually and collectively. It is one of a number of methods (Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry and Role Training) developed by the psychiatrist, Dr Jacob Moreno (1889-1974) in the early twentieth century as a means of creatively working with some of the very difficult inter-group and intercultural dilemmas of that time.

Through sociodrama we can experience and come to understand the nature of our social systems and their influence upon our personal and group roles and relationships. With this understanding we can better address some of the collective issues that face us. It is also effective in clarifying values, solving problems, diagnosing an organisation, developing and rehearsing action plans or improving personal effectiveness and awareness.

Sociodramatic and Action Method techniques are actively used in a broad range of educational, health and business environments throughout the world, including:

  • L&D trainers and HR practitioners
  • Employers and managers
  • Teachers
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Marriage and family counsellors
  • The Military
  • Law enforcement personnel

Dr Ron Wiener is a senior sociodrama trainer with a world wide practice who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the British Psychodrama Association in 2008. He was President of the British Psychodrama Association from 2012 until 2017. He also works as an organisational consultant, mentor and community theatre director. Ron is the author of Drugs and Schoolchildren (Longmans 1970), Community Action: The Belfast Experience (Noteams Press 1975); Creative Training (JKP 1997); Let’s Imagine (Lulu 2012); and co‐editor of Sociodrama in a Changing World (Lulu 2011). He has also published many book chapters and articles.